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Friday, November 11, 2005

Oh Come On. Don't waste your time !

Yesterday we came across a gossip column at about an alleged affair between one of Indonesian ex President's son and a (somewhat) famous singer [1]. Does this news surprise you ? No.
To add more to it, there are some photos supporting the allegation. Is this a surprise then? Still a big no.
All right, how about this: among those photos, there is one picture of them kissing, and one with our (somewhat) famous singer wearing a skimpy dress. A surprise ? HELL NO.

What raised our eyebrows was what comes later: two wellknown IT experts namely Roy Suryo and Heru Sutadi took their time to study the photos and come up with some analysis (pixel size, resolution, flash effect, skin tone, Depth of Field, etc) to conclude that the photos are in fact real (i.e no digital manipulation) [2].

Wait a minute. Why should we be surprised, you may ask.

Well, if you are an IT expert, would you spend your valuable time analyzing photos sent by God knows who, taken by God knows who, containing pictures of some celebs doing personal things (we know what), to provide analysis to a gossip column?

Oh, come on.

40% of Indonesian people are below poverty line and go to sleep hungry everyday, and these two so-called experts spend their time analyzing gossip photos?

So is that a surprise? Sadly, no.
We are so used to this now. This distractions. It makes us feel better because for a while it takes our attention away from our bigger problems. We welcome it now. Homeless children of tsunami? bird flu? Fuel price? No! no! Look at these photos! They look real aren't they? They are having an affair! This is hot!

For once we would like to read news about these 2 IT experts doing pro bono work in a more useful way.
What about a free computer course for the poor? That sounds good. Let's give our valuable time to help the under-priviledged to catch up with the world. Help bridging the ever-widening digital divide.
Or help our country in information and communication technology? After all, according to the World Bank report[3], Indonesia is only in 78th place of all countries in the world in terms of capacity to exploit information and communication technology. (China in 56th place, Malaysia in 25th place, Singapore a runner up, Hong Kong is the champ). There must be a lot to do in this area, right? So shall we roll our sleeves up and start to work on it?

Oh no, no, no! What about those photos? They look real, aren't they? These celebs are having an affair! This is hot!

[1] - Beredar Foto Mesra Mirip Mayangsari di Internet
[2] - Foto Mesra 'Mayangsari' Asli!
[3] The Economist, November 5th-11th 2005, p. 114

Feedback: indonesia.anonymus at gmail dot com