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Friday, December 08, 2006

When Size Does Matter

Once a year our place of work announces its much anticipated 'promotion list'. Yes. That's right: a love letter to some and career-death-sentence to some others, the email announces who got promoted. Which staff got to move up to managerial level (more perks), and which managers make it to senior level (even more perks).

This year (announced not long ago) there was a big surprise among the staff. The person who they thought would definitely make it to manager level this year, the one, the golden boy, the-man-whose-future-is-set, was not even on the list. They wonder why. Rumours ensued.

The senior managers did not understand why such fuss. To them, this golden boy is not even on their radar screen. At least not this year. He will only be eligible next year.
So why did the staff think he was the one? Why did they think he was the golden boy, hence deserve to be promoted?

Apparently, this was the reason:
Staff have their respective cubicles, and because of how the office floor was designed, this 'golden boy' cubicle seems a bit bigger than the rest of the pack.
Yes, folks. Size does matter.
It gives the impression that he is special.

Moreover, the cubicle was the nearest to the access door to the hallway towards the managers' office. This makes him the first to be found, when managers are looking for somebody to throw some work at. He therefore was frequently seen talking to managers and senior managers. Even to the top brass on some occasions.
That makes him looks like he got better access to the top than the rest of the staff.

Impressions. That's all it takes. And the staff swallowed it.
Can't allow the uneasiness to continue, HR sent out circular email to the staff, explaining that cubicles are assigned in random order.
Size does not matter.

Now the managers are staring at each other.
The reason ? Managers have their own rooms, and again, because of the layout of the floor, one manager got a bigger window.
And she was promoted.



Blogger agus set said...

hihihi... kisah yang "lucu tapi nyata" ya?

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But, I was asked to design an office layout once and the instruction was clear: the higher the position, the bigger and better view should be given.

5:43 PM  

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