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Thursday, February 12, 2009


A bit late, but there is an article in IHT with an interesting question: Where would we be if women ran Wall Street? [1]

Would the world be in this financial mess?

In the article, Muhammad Yunus, the big daddy of microlending, said:"Women are more cautious. They wouldn't have taken the enormous types of risks that brought the system down."

Mari Pangestu, our Trade Minister -- who by IHT is dubbed 'the first woman to get a doctorate in economics in her country' (Really? Is that true?) -- said "women were more prudent and less corrupt."

And then Neelie Kroes, the European competition commissioner, said she was "absolutely convinced" that testosterone was one of the reasons the financial system had been brought to its knees. "In general terms, females are a bit less ego-driven and a bit more responsible than men,"

Hmm. So it's men's fault?

With that, the IA men asked the following question:
If women could do better, why didn't they take over before the men drove the economy off the cliff?
As our married male colleagues would testify: women have all the ability to take anything they want from men. So why didn't they?

And here is the answer from the IA ladies:

What? And miss all the fun? When the last time you see men admitting making mistakes?
You guys never want to ask for direction even after you've been lost for hours in the middle of nowhere. You guys keep insisting in fixing things even after you hit your thumb with a hammer or staple gun your head. And in the end, you are still lost, and things are still broken.
Will you ask for direction or call the plumber now? No. You asked the women to do it, because you are too ashamed to do it yourselves.

Now the economy fell apart and you men are all lost, disgraced, discouraged, ashamed, with swollen thumb and head full of bandages.

And now you are looking at us to go ask for direction.
Or to call a plumber.


[1] International Herald Tribune - Where would we be if women ran Wall Street?