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Monday, August 17, 2009

At 64, a work in progress

More than a decade ago there was this thought in our mind, whenever we looked at our children:

What if, one day, in the future, our children looked at us and ask:

"Mom, Dad, What have you done? Why did you leave behind this poor, corrupt and undemocratic country? Why didn't you do something to change it? Now we have to fix everything..."

So now, looking back, we are relieved to know that we can say:

Guess what, kids. We did do something.
We have democracy now.

It's not perfect, of course.
But then again kids, try name one country that has a perfect democratic system. Can you think of one? Because we couldn't.

We're still poor, yes.
And yes. corruption is still a big problem [1].

We're still working on it. And that's what we will leave behind.

A work in progress.

So get ready to take over the work.
And please, take care of this young democracy.

Because getting this far wasn't easy.

[1] In 2008 Transparency International Corruption perception index, Indonesia is ranked 126 of 180. Below Honduras, Guyana, and Ethiopia. As a comparison, Thailand is 80, Malaysia is 47.
But to make us feel better, in 2007 Indonesia was ranked 143 of 179, so not all is bad.
Source: Transparency International - Corruption Perceptions Index 2007 , 2008.


Blogger Brett said...

Big progress, too. It's amazing how things have changed in the short time I have been here.

8:12 PM  
Blogger Indonesia Anonymus said...


Indeed, mate. Indeed.

8:37 PM  
Blogger Rob Baiton said...


Indonesia is not the perfect democracy?



6:22 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

thought you guys were gone!!

7:31 PM  
Blogger Indonesia Anonymus said...

is that sarcasm? :))

we must admit, we are not as productive as you when it comes to blogging.
But no, not gone just yet...

1:15 PM  
Anonymous stania said...

As Sukarno says "For a fighting nation, there is no journey's end,"

9:32 PM  

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