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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Still Up?

It's quite touching to from time to time receive an email or two from dear readers asking why we don't write very often.
That's very sweet. Thank you.

And if we could, we would blog more. It's fun. More fun than working, really.

Unfortunately it is difficult to write something when most of our time we are exhausted doing this mundane things we call our job.
(Just like everybody else we have to earn our living, and earn it hard).

That's not an excuse, of course. Many other bloggers who are busy can still manage to write and write really really well.

So we'll try to do better. We manage to hang on this long, certainly we can push ourselves a bit more.

To make life easier, you, our dear readers, can use newsfeed reader and subscribe to our RSS, together with all other blogs you would like to read. This way you don't have to keep coming here and get disappointed when there is no new post. When we have new post, you'll see it on your reader. (That if you don't know about this already). There is no ad in our RSS or anywhere in this blog, so you can subscribe to our feed and still have your peace.

Thank you for being with us. And please hang in there. We may not write often, but we do write.

This blog was up since 2005, and nobody among us thought it would last this long, and yet we are still around. And we will be around for say another half a decade (that's when our oldest colleagues would, well, too cranky to quote for a post).

If our young colleagues are willing to pick up this silly blog where we left it, it may last even longer than that.

So we will be around.

As our middle-aged male colleagues would say:
"the point is not about getting it up. It's about keeping it up for as long as you can".

And yes, we are still talking about blogging.
Four good years of it.


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