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Friday, December 18, 2009

The journey of a broken heart 1

1. Introduction

My name is Al, and as my colleagues have written previously, I just got back from my 3 week leave, taking a trip from west to east of Java, using only public transports.

Before I start, I thought I should clarify a few points first.

Number one, I am not a writer. I don't write and I am bad at it. So the "journey of a broken heart" posts you are about to read all have been kindly edited, some reworded, to fit the style of this blog. The thoughts are all mine, the hardwork of editing and rewriting to make it comprehensible is not. (thank you, Desi).

Number two, I don't keep a diary and this is not a travel diary. Everything was written after I got back, and I didn't really keep notes along the way. Therefore, this is more of "collections of thoughts", rather than chronological events. This is not going to be the "day 1, I did this, day 2, I went there" kind of writing. If you are expecting that, I am sorry to disappoint you. (But at least I have told you beforehand.)

Number three, I may not be able to name all the cities I visited. I did not have a travel plan, I never thought I would write about it, so I did not really keep track and some cities do look and feel similar and that blurs my memory a bit.

Number four, I did say I would only take public transports, and that I did consistently. I did not say however, that I would go on thrift budget. Whenever I needed to stay the night, I stayed at the most decent hotel I could find. This was not a backpacking trip, and after a rough day, I need at least a hot shower and a good sleep. So if you expect a story of a lonely guy writing about his suffering, this is not it.

Number five, some colleagues here at indonesia-anonymus find it hard to believe my story. They think I am just way to spoiled to do a stunt like this. Some think I made all this up.
Some of you may feel the same. I don't blame you and I am not asking you to believe anything that I tell you. All I can say is at least my life is not boring. Is yours?

Number six, I would be lying if my intention of taking this trip is solely to see my country. The fact is I've never taken any leave since I started working and my leave days started to accumulate to a point where HR said "if you don't use it you'll lose it". So I thought I should just go crazy for 3 weeks and after that I can go back to work in peace. The truth is, if I were not forced to take my leave, I would prefer to just go to work. This trip is not purely out of love, I am not that patriotic.

Number seven, I didn't do this because of a girl.
Well, ok. I did.
But she moved on and I did too.
I think.



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